Can I have my final Will checked or reviewed by somebody, a solicitor?

Yes, we do offer a service to have your final Last Will and Testament checked and reviewed by one of our solicitors.
If your distribution plan is straightforward this may not be necessary. We would regard a simple Will as one that says something like leaving your entire estate to your spouse, and then, if you were both involved in a common accident, then everything would go to your children. If this is your distribution plan, there is actually limited value in having the Will reviewed by one of our solicitors. They are not reviewing all of the legal clauses that they themselves provided - these are standard clauses. They will focus the review on your distribution plan.
However, it is certainly possible to create a more complicated distribution plan using our service. Particularly if you have selected one of the options "none of the above, let me describe the distribution of my estate". This allows you to include a free-form description, and many people use this to create a sophisticated distribution plan that may even include conditional bequests. For example, "The house should go to my son John, as long as he stays out of debt/gets married/finishes university etc" Generally, conditional bequests like this are an extremely bad idea because they require the beneficiary to be supervised for their rest of their life by the Executor of the estate. In this example, what would happen if John went into debt, and who would know?
Although these are extreme examples, you may be wanting to do something a little more advanced in your distribution plan, and in this case, we would definitely recommend that you take advantage of our legal team.
The cost for the review by a solicitor is £50. The solicitor will receive your document by email and then send a full assessment by email in a couple of days. The assessment will include suggestions, recommendations and reassurances. If you need further clarification on some points, you can certainly ask for this at no charge.
If you have some simple questions about your Will and how to step through the service, you do not need to order a review by a solicitor. You can simply send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Although we cannot give you legal advice specific to your situation, our support team have many years of experience in answering questions, and can usually give informative answers very quickly. There is absolutely no charge when using our support team.