Can I write a Last Will and Testament for somebody else, like my parents?

Our service requires you to be comfortable with using a computer, as we guide you through an interactive process directly online in your browser. We know that this may be challenging for some people who may not have access to a computer or the internet, or may not feel confident with their own computer skills.
There is no legal restriction on you helping somebody else prepare their Will. As long as the person has the capacity to understand their Will, and knows that they are signing their Will. They must understand the implications of doing this.
To prepare a Will for somebody else using our service, you simply step through the questions, answering them from the perspective of the "testator" (the person for whom the Will is being written). You will then set up the account using their first and last name, but you can use any User ID, and use your own email address. The first and last name on the account will appear in the final documents.
Once you have stepped through all of the questions, you can download and print the Will. 
The Testator must then read the document, and understand it. It must reflect their wishes, and they must understand the implications of the document. They must then sign it in the presence of two independent witnesses who have absolutely nothing to gain from the contents of the Will. Once the document is signed and the witnesses have signed, then it becomes a legal Last Will and Testament.
You can either sit with the person and step through the service together, or if it is more convenient, we have a questionnaire that you can complete with them. Once you have gathered the answers to these questions, you have enough information to prepare this person's Will using our service.