How long does the process take to write a Will using

Using the service at, we guide you through 9 sections. You will start by describing your family situation, then making key appointments like your Executor or Guardian. You will then go into the main part of the service where you will describe the distribution of your estate.
The whole process takes about 20 minutes depending on how complicated your plans are, and whether you have a good idea of your intentions before you start.
However, you don't have to complete the service in one sitting. You can start to work on your Will, save your work if you get stuck, and return from where you left off at any time. For example, you will be asked to name guardians for your children. You would certainly need to check with your intended appointee before writing them into your Will. You may even want to talk to people who are expecting to be guardians if they are not going to be appointed in your Will.
You may also want to give some thought to things like charitable bequests, or something may come to mind a week or so after writing the Will and you may want to go back into your account and make changes.
Once you have stepped through the service and answered all of the questions, the only final step is to sign the document. You should sign it in the presence of two adult witnesses who are not beneficiaries in the Will (nor should they be the spouse of a beneficiary). In general, anybody who can be seen to benefit from the contents of the Will is a poor choice for a witness. You can choose neighbours, friends co-workers, any two adults. There is no requirement for the witnesses to have any professional standing; they do not need to be a doctor, solicitor or service in the military or police force.
Once signed and witnessed, then you have a complete, legal, last will and testament.