Lots of my friends also need a Will. Can I give them a discount?

If you have one family member, like your spouse or partner, who also needs to prepare their Will, we have a one-time use discount code that gives 40 percent off any purchase for the second person. This discount code is made available to you after completing your first order.
If you have extended family members who you would like to direct to our service, we have a discount code
If they enter this code, then they will receive 15 percent off of their purchase.
If you meet with different people on an ongoing basis who you feel would benefit from using our service, then we would encourage you to sign up as an affiliate. You can do this here.
Our Affiliate program allows you to split 30 percent of the payment either as a discount or as a commission. So you can pass on a 15 percent discount to your clients, and also earn a 15% commission on each purchase. Or you may feel that you only want to earn a commission in which case, your clients pay the affordable standard price, but you earn 30% of the purchase as a commission.
When signing up as an affiliate, you cannot use the exact same combination of first name, last name and email address. The most common workaround is to just use your first initial for your first name on your affiliate account so that there is no conflict. You will then have a separate User ID for your member account and your affiliate account.