Do you offer Will storage services?

At we do not store the physical document. We only maintain an online version of your Will which is there for your convenience, as it allows you to update your Will any time there is a change in your personal or financial status. Every time your document is updated, it must be printed, and signed in the presence of two adults to make it a new legal Last Will and Testament.
Photocopies, scanned, or in any way digitised versions of your document are not acceptable legal Wills. Only the original piece of paper with your signature is accepted as your Will.
The problem with storage facilities is that often your loved ones will not know where the document is stored. We receive calls every day from family members who knew that a person had written a Will (not necessarily with us) but they have no idea where it is. There is no official registry of Wills, other than for those of people who are deceased. There is no way to register your Will whilst you are alive, because the Will can be continually changed and updated.
We would caution against using an Will storage service unless your loved ones are clearly told where the document is stored. Please also be aware of fees to not only store the document on an ongoing basis, but some service charge a fee to your loved ones to retrieve the document (in our opinion this is an unfair rip-off).
Our recommendation is to store the document somewhere safe, and let your Executor know where the document is stored. Your Executor is the only person who needs to know the location of your Will. In some cases it makes sense to simply give your Will to your Executor in a sealed envelope for safe-keeping. This way, you know that the person who needs it, has access to it at the appropriate time.
You may also want to consider using our MyMessages and MyLifeLocker service to let your family know the location of your Will and other important documents.