Can I create a Lasting Power of Attorney?

We do not offer a Power of Attorney service, because you can create one for free on the government website at
In fact, anybody who charges you for creating a power of attorney is charging you for a free service. However, in order for a PoA to be legally accepted, it must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), and there is a fee of £82 per document for doing this (interestingly, this has very recently changed, it used to be £110). There is absolutely no way to avoid this registration fee if you want to have a legal PoA in place, and anybody charging you for a PoA service, will typically add on this fee.
We would recommend that you simply go to the link above, and create your PoA through the government website. Do not pay any other company to prepare your PoA for you. They are not offering you any value for their fee.